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Everyday People Building Extraordinary Businesses...Every Day. At the end of my post a link will take you to a video that i recommend. Ever entrepreneurs online should view this insightful video.

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Remembering the day things changed forever: September 11, 2001. The NY skyline has never been the same. For all those who lost their lives that day, we miss you.

What New York Could Look Like in 2020
Manhattan is in the midst of an unprecedented tall building boom that's radically changing its ...

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The true cost and 411 to consider…
You may have heard the story where a factory had a piece of machinery down?

It was costing them thousands each hour it was out of commission, and it was laying serious hurt down on their production.

So they fly in a consultant.
He takes a look at it.

Pulls ou...

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Sharing post: Google RankBrain is important, but you don’t need to worry much about it. A site that’s relevant and has compelling content will earn a high rank from Google and won’t require the intervention of RankBrain to do it.

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If your business goals are based around the people you’re affecting through the success (or lack of success) of your business, it gets you taking action. You will be less tempted to give up too soon.

Think about how the success of your business can improve...

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Small shifts to big successes…

Upgrade your environment – even in a small way – and you may change your life…

Quite often?

Our environment and routine is linked to our past.

Changing that link requires changing up our environment and routine.

Upgrading our work space, working from a coffee s...

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Does this sound familiar?

You wanted to learn something new. Maybe it was a foreign language. Or a new diet. Or online marketing.

So, you sign up for a course, go along to it, and you take pages and pages of notes.

Then you get home, excited but tired, and you promise yourself that you’re goin...

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Allow us to turn your ideas into the successes you envision them to be.Through the creative use of graphic design, digital technology and online strategy, we solve problems and develop opportunities that help our clients.By taking the time to really understand the vision and requirements of clients, we are able to deliver results that truly make an impact. Creating since 1983,...Learn More Since 2010 with the growing impact of the Internet Scafidi [A.I.S.] is proud to represent up to date products and services you need to actively grow your business and help with the image you want to portray. 

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